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Aalborg Waterfront played a central role in the Sustainability Festival 2018. Utzonparken, Honørkajen and Toldbod plads acted as the settings for a huge sustainability market where there were plenty of opportunities to be inspired by the many aspects of sustainability.
Didn't make it? Don't worry you can still see this years program below.
Hope to see you til next years Sustainability Festival!

Online program in English


Sustainability Market September 8th Utzonparken (the park near Utzon Center) 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

1)      From scrap to robot – when you dig up a dump site // DGE Miljø- og ingeniørfirma

2)      Cooperation and communities on food, sustainability, ecology, and student involvement // Egholm Organic Island + LOMA

3)       Aalborg’s own pantry // Egholm Folkefarm

4)      Students from Højvangskolen print 3D models in recycled plastic // Skoleforvaltningen

5)      Meet The National Association of Practical Ecology // Landsforeningen Praktisk Økologi

6)      Packaging – how much do you use? // Alternativet

7)      Unique design, produced in collaboration with young people with special needs // Socialøkonomiske Ruth

8)      A part of the circuit // Ragn-Sells

9)      Soup Kitchen for beginners // 1000fryd

10)   Sustainable Jewelry //

11)   What is the biggest problem in the world and locally? // Aid Evaluator

12)   What can YOU do? //

13)   100% sustainable clothing for men and women //

14)   100% sustainable fish // SushiMania XO

15)   How much water does your t-shirt use? // Pargaard

16)   The enjoyment of work is something we can improve – the only expense is your time // Krifa

17)   Denmark’s Vegan Society and the Alliance of Animals // The Vegan City

18)   “Green Light” makes a big difference // CO2LIGHT

19)   Guess a development and sustainability goal, catch a duck, and win a ticket // Aalborg Congress and Culture Center

20)   Aalborg Municipality’s green institutions, ages 0-5 // Aalborg Municipality

21)   Less meat more green // Greenpeace

22)   A healthy life is also a sustainable life // Sundhed- og Kulturforvaltningen

23)   Are you bubbling too? //

24)   UN Youth Union & Aalborg Clean-up // UNYA

25)   The hidden resources  // VoksenBøgen

26)   Take a responsibility when it comes to our climate // UngEnergi

27)   Recycled furniture // By Oak

28)   Stop the waste of textile – give it new life instead // Sanne Falk Design

29)   Iron balls, recycled iron, and sustainability // Havekunst

30)   Delicious sustainable lifestyle – less plastic, more ecology // I LOVE GREEN

31)   QUIZ – Is agriculture sustainable? Try and feel if you can feel any difference // Agri Nord

32)   The world’s most sustainable leather jacket // Better World Fashion

33)   Sustainable arts and crafts // Råt&Godt

34)   A sustainable municipality is also a safe municipality // Tryg Aalborg and North Jutland Police department

35)   Plastic Change // Plastic Change

36)   The journey from tablecloth to a shopping net // S.E.P Nord – Social Economic company

37)   Sustainable cleaning // Sjöberg & Simonsen

38)   Protect the environment with recycled electronic // Data Market

39)   Sustainable Danish Glasses // MonkeyGlasses

40)   Renewed life to old things // Bagagerumsmarked

41)   North Jutlands most sustainable Housing Association // Himmerland Boligforening 

42)   Sustainable and organic food // Enhedslisten

43)   Energy savings with intelligent heat management and visualization // Neogrid Technologies

44)   House of Energy // House of Energy

45)   Solutions to save water – toilets, showers, and sinks // EcoBETA

46)   Drinking water and groundwater protection - a vital task // Aalborg Forsyning

47)   Suitable sewer conduct // Aalborg Forsyning

48)   Fair Trade and Organic Clothing // Fair To WEAR

49)   Sustainable swaps // Denmark's Nature Conservation Association

50)   BuyNatures Sustainable Bazaar // BuyNature

51)   Sustainable hotdogs // PMU Catering

52)   Organic Fairtraide coffee, tea, and cocoa // Kaffeexpressen

53)   Recycle your plastic – Aalborg Forsyning

54)   Recycle your plastic – RenoNord


55)   How does Aalborg Fjordhave cultivate mussels? // Aalborg Fjordhaver

56)   Eat slow in Aalborg // Klit Gastro Aps

57)   Cargo Bike Event – track competition and pimp your cargo bike // Cyclists’ Federation

58)   Have a trial run on bike from Aalborg Bike Library // The cyclist’s city

59)   Make Aalborg Municipality greener // Sustainability and Development, Aalborg Municipality

60)   Eternal tailwind on an electrical bike // Uggerhøj A/S

61)   Sustainable cars of the future // N.O. Jensen A / S

62)   Hybrid – Plug in and Hydro cars // SDKbiler

63)   The Electric Vehicle Association FDEL // Electric Vehicle Association FDEL

64)   Try out an electrical car // Kør Rent

65)   Sustainable fun on a two wheeled ride // Segway Nord

66)   BoxTown – Local and organic experiences // BoxTown


Green experiences along Aalborg Waterfront

The sustainable solutions of the future
September 8th-15th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 
Exhibition of graduate projects from the master degree Architecture & Design. How does the future’s healthy and sustainable houses look? It will display how the relationship between city, buildings, and land creates new relations. You will even get to experience a project regarding settlement structures on Mars and how they became. Come and see the many different ideas and suggestions to a more sustainable future.

Organizer: Architecture & Design, AAU

Cube:3 Make life greener with moss graffiti
Workshop, September 8th-9th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. 
Do you want to make a letter or a symbol out of moss to display on the wall? Then you need to visit the workshop on the Waterfront where Signe Højmark from Future Rooms will help everyone create a beautiful green moss decorations. You will get to create a template and build figures in moss to bring home with you afterwards. You need to encounter about 30 minutes for the free, open workshop. You do not need to bring anything. Exhibition throughout the week.

Organizer: Future Rooms.

Cube:4 Nomadic Platform for Eco-Economic Futures
September 8th-15th from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. 
All are welcome to join the opening event for "Nomadic Platform for Eco-Economic Futures" - a new temporary public artwork by artist Scott William Raby presented in association with KUNSTHAL NORD. The event marks the opening of the installation and research platform, which will be open to the public during the festival. During the week, the artist will occupy the artwork daily from kl. 10-16 to engage in dialogue with the public about art, ecology, and new economic futures. Mostly in English.

Organizer: Scott William Raby

Green footsteps
Experience how the Waterfront will become greener with green footsteps- and moss paths from Future Rooms

Cube:2 Swap your toys
Instead of throwing the toys you do not use anymore out, come and swap with someone else’s toy. Drop by – we will have a blast.

Sustainability market 
September 8th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Utzon Parken and Honnørkajen.
Together we can make each other greener.

Come and place your handprint on a huge canvas and help make us all greener.

Cube:5 Detox Box
September 8th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Step into a bubble with a calming energy and time to be grounded more. Leave your troubles and stress behind and live in the moment. A detox trip from your everyday stress so you can go out and meet both strangers, friends, and family with renewed energy and kindness. Exhibition all week. #SocialSustainability #ElskAalborg

Organizer: Elsk Aalborg

The compliment box
Give a compliment to a stranger in Elsk Aalborg’s compliment box

Sustainability market
September 8th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Toldbod Plads 
See a fiord garden on land.
Exhibitions throughout the week.

Organizer: Aalborg Fjordhaver

The future is green
Walking tours along the Waterfront – All days
Experience the opening of the Energy Museum’s brand new exhibition: “The future is green. The Future is Danish”. The exhibition is a tribute to green ideas and will display 24 of the most exciting green projects, which is underway at Danish Universities and companies. The exhibition will be touring the country in 2019.

Organizer: The Energy Museum

Try out wheelchair basket
September 8th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. – Aktivitetspladsen 
You can come and try riding a wheelchair through a challenging agility course or participate in a wheelchair basketball tournament. You can also hear about what it entails to be an athlete with a disability. Para sport is for everyone and focuses on mixing the social aspect with a strong commitment to the sport.

Organizer: IH Aalborg, GAME Streetmekka and Wolturnus

Cube:1 Learn about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
September 8th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. come meet the UN Federation North Jutland and expand your knowledge on how you more specifically can contribute in your everyday life. There will also be a quiz and prizes! Exhibition throughout the week.

Organizer: UN Federation North Jutland

Sustainable boat trip on the fiord
September 8th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. 
Østre Havn the dock by the bridge. Come and try a FREE boat trip in a GoBoat – be your own captain.

Organizer: GoBoat


INGA and Student Talks

At the opening day of the Sustainability Festival, the International Network of Green Agents will be introducing themselves, by presenting the outcome of the previous semesters and their goals for the future. The two-hour program also includes a collaborative event with Student Talks, where four students talk about a sustainability project or initiative that they are involved in.

Organizer: International Network of Green Agents


Tuesday 11. of september

Dreaming of starting your own business with a sustainable angle?

Do you have a dream of starting your own business, or being a part of a startup, but maybe you are not completely sure about what starting up your own business actually entails? If so, come and learn more about entrepreneurship, and how to create a sustainable business. 

Lyras, last year’s winner of the entrepreneurship event “Løvens Grønne Hule”, will tell about their experiences of starting up from an idea to an actual business. You can also hear SEA with the presentation “Startup Crash Course”. After the presentations, you will be a part of an idea-facilitating workshop.

Organizer: Network for Sustainable Business Development 
Time: 12.30
Place: Green Stage, Honnørkajen
Sign up here:


The Nomadic Platform for Eco-Economic Futures

In this discussion, artist Scott William Raby will have an improvised dialogue via videochat with artist and collaborator Pedro Moraes (BR/IT) about his eco-economic artistic project “The Central Bank of the Sun”.  The event will start with the two artists talking, but then open up to a public dialogue.  This event will mark the finale for project the “Nomadic Platform for Eco–Economic Futures” – a temporary public artwork by artist Scott William Raby presented in association KUNSTHAL NORD.  

Organizer: Scott William Raby
Time: 16.00-18.00
Place: Utzon Park

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